429 Too Many Requests

I am getting too many requests, status 429 with my REACT Studio app. I checked with the Chrome developer tools and this is possible that there are GETs and POSTs within a second. Is this a bug or can this be adjusted somehow?

You might be hitting the rate limit (since you are getting too many requests) and that is triggering something else too in React Studio. I’ve never seen a 429 error code from Xano - you should also check with React Studio’s support if they know that error code.

Hi Michael,

Yes, I think you are right and I am hitting the rate limit.
However, I think it would be better if Xano would not limit the speed of the API for one IP that much in the Starter Edition. This gives the impression that the API is not fast enough to cope with the demand and the app does not work. Furthermore it cannot be tested properly with these speed issues.
Xano could limit the number of concurrent requests from different IPs instead and maybe set an upper limit for one IP which just prevents fraud use. I think this would be a lot better.

The API speed is not being limited, it’s the amount of API requests in a given time period that is limited. It really comes down to the requirements of the application you are building for what type of plan fits your use case best. With the Starter plan on a shared server environment, the rate limit helps allocate the resources fairly.