Add (Add or Edit) database function not using current "now" value

I am running a Post API to add US states to a table. The issue is that the created_at time is always 2 minutes past the current hour. You will see in the screenshots that the clock time is 11:06 AM Central, but the created_at column shows 11:02 AM Central.

The created_at is 11:02 and the clock time in the upper right is 11:06

I then deleted all the records to re-run the API

I re-ran the API at 11:08 clock time and the created_at still shows 11:02

Here is a view of the Add Record item I am running

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reporting this Steve. I just double checked and it’s also happening when adding a record in the spreadsheet viewer. We will get this fixed.

Hi @sstava this is now fixed! We had minutes as the numerical month… oops! Please reload your browser to ensure you’re on the latest build,

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That is an amazing turnaround. Thanks!

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