Big waste of time when using nested IF conditions

While using conditional steps, after each variable modification, the left panel closes to return to the workflow function.

If you use 3 or 4 nested IFS, it is a huge waste of time and attention.

Is this issue already in your list ? (A return to the previous screen would be perfect, only the save button should close the left panel)

Even if you can navigate between the different levels, the exit code is always sent while using variables.


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Hey @n.jasmes welcome to the forum, thanks for your first post!

This isn’t a bug but improving the UI for this is definitely on our list. Please bear with us, we are currently in the middle of working on a tree view for more advance use cases like this, including adding the ability to easily move functions around and between levels.

It should make for a much friendlier experience when working with lots of functions, variables, etc.

I feel ya, @n.jasmes. I’m hoping they’ll eventually have a flow chart canvas instead. Rest assured though–it’s still way worth it, even when fighting with this part of the UI.