Error message: "Lists are not supported"

Putting this solution here for others who may encounter it in the future.

I want to know if a user has already invited a friend to join a group.

  • User = inviter_id (input)
  • Friend = contact_set_id (variable)
  • Group = group_id (input)

When I tried to query my table invites to see if any records match

I got an error implying that contact_set_id (a variable with text in it) is an array and so it can’t be used in the query:

(In my test data, “111” is the correct value for it to search. It just shouldn’t be in brackets.)

It turns out that–because I was querying all records and using the response–I was now using an array. I had to add a step to pull the element out of the array which I did using Data Manipulation > Arrays > Remove from Beginning:

Alternatively, is it possible to search for a single record using multiple “Where” clauses, @michael?

The UI only offers one field for matching:

So for this, I would use a GET all and add the multiple “Where” clauses in the “Custom Query” if you want to see a record or records based on various Where parameters.

A Get single record is used to just return a single record and is more for convenience. With GET all, this enables you to pull all, a few, or even a single record and specify on whatever parameters you want matched up. Additionally you can even change the return “type” of a GET all from list to single under the output of the function.

I hadn’t thought about changing the output to single. Great point!