Facebook login 500 Fatal Response

I’ve managed to make a GET request to /oauth/facebook/init with the redirect_uri, and in return, I get the code

I then make a second GET request to /oauth/facebook/continue and I use the same redirect_uri and the new code I got from the first request.

The response I get is a 500, so some form of internal error? and the response just says Fatal and doesn’t give me any other hints as to what could be wrong.

Code can be seen running here https://lollipop.yohuman.io/socialLogin (only use Facebook button)
The code for the redirect page can be seen here: lollipop/index.tsx at main · yohuman/lollipop · GitHub

I have also tried using a different redirect URL, in case that was the issue. I also watched the video on youtube which unfortunately skipped over any details about preparing the request to /oauth/facebook/continue

I also looked in the swagger/openapi doc hoping to find some examples or descriptions but there was none.

I also checked the documentation and it mentions that Facebook login is coming soon, I guess it’s out of date.

Here is a shot of the network request…