Filter a query with text in a list structure

I think my problem best described with a video :slight_smile: :

Regards Tor M

Hi Tor M,

You are very close. You will want to use the operator “IN” when dealing with an array. EQUALS will not work because you are trying to equate a single value to a list of values. So the form is persona.response IN model.persona - in other words, filter where the response is in the list of personas…

Thanks @michael! That did the trick.
This brings me into next question, how can I get the latest record from a database?
Here is my database:

My first two “response” are “Lytteren”, my last is “Midtpunktet”.

When I do a query to this database, how can I get the latest “response” if I (device_id) have several records?

This is how I get a record fro the Typeform response:

Could I filter with “created_at”, get the latest entry?

Thanks for your help!

Tor M

Hey @tormartin - I’d use the Query All records function, and change the Return to Single and add a Sort from created_at in descending order:

Thank you @michael. It works perfectly!

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