Full URL support for Images

We noticed a lot of you have been working hard to put together the full URL of your images to pass your images along to a front end. This would be done by concatenating your base URL with the image path/blob.

To make your lives easier, we developed a way to dynamically provide the full URL path for your images in the response with the image metadata.

Notice “url” at the very bottom of the response!

Hopefully this will make for a much smoother transition and even less work to pull images from your Xano backend to the front end tool of your choice.

We didn’t take anything away so if you have images set up by concatenating your Xano base URL and the image path/blob then nothing will be affected :slight_smile:

Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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Thank you Michael and team,

Great addition to Xano, it works. :+1:

Hi Michael,

Sorry to be a pain, but the URL support for Images does not fully work when you group Images in an object.

Not sure if you can do anything about it, just wanted to flag it.

Hey Dan!

Could you be a little more specific? Are the images in the object not responding with the full URL path? Please send a screen shot if possible.

Hi Michael,

Hope the pictures makes sense.
The individual pictures doesn’t get a full URL, you cant see the top of the fist picture, sorry.

Thanks Dan! Are you adding anything to the function stack or is it just the Get Record and Precondition?

At the moment it will just be part of a get record call as an add-on to another table call. I think that will change down the line but not for a long time.

Gotcha. Hm strange, I sent you an email so we could set up a screen share. I haven’t been able to reproduce the same issue so let’s see if I can get to the bottom of it when I see your Xano.

Hi Michael,

I have replied to you e-mail. I have reset my entire database, started from scratch againg and it is working fine now.

Thank you for you help. This addition has made it so easy to get pictures from Xano to my front end.

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Hi Dan,

Great! And very excited to hear that you are enjoying the addition and the ease of use!

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