Getting error when adding time to timestamp in query


I’m trying to add time to a timestamp, and I keep getting an error. Here’s an example:

This works:

But as soon as I add time, it breaks:

You should be able to just type in a relative date like +1 year and Xano should register that even as text.

For example:

Well, it gets more complex in some places because the amount of time varies for each record that gets joined. (I’m joining business hours and need to know–if I leave now and my activity would take 1 hour at Business A or 2 hours at Business B, which ones are open long enough for me to finish before closing time?)

So the variable I’m ultimately inputting will be a scalar off a joined table: activity.duration_in_minutes. Can I just write “now + activity.duration_in_minutes”?

I’m held up on this query until this works again, so I suppose that’s as good a reason as any to call it an early night :slight_smile:

Hi @ErinHWagner - that error you were hitting turned out to be a timestamp bug! It is now fixed. So I do think using “now” then applying a timestamp filter to add your duration from the joined table should work. Try it out and let me know if there is any issue.

Yay! I just did a quick test and it’s all looking good. I’ll let you know if I hit against anything else while I work with it, but I think it’ll be smooth sailing now. Thanks so much you guys for jumping on this. Perfect timing.

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