Google Auth with Xano and Appgyver

Hi everybody,

Recently I’ve watched the Becoming a No-coder guide by @sstava in youtube doing a Todo App using AppGyver + Xano.

The guide is great and very helpful and now I’m adding new features to the app.

One of the challenges I’m facing is to include Google Auth Sign In & Sign Up to my current App. Honestly, I’m quite lost (haven’t implemented Google Auth before) and don’t know exactly how to do it with AppGyver + Xano.

I managed to run the debug api init endpoint successfully but I don’t know what I have to do in AppGyver to prompt the Google account picker screen and then do the authentication.

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words! I haven’t tried the Google auth in AppGyver yet.

My thought is to use the web view component in AppGyver and pass it the url returned from the auth call. Then the question is can you get the token returned from the user authenticating through the web page?

I hope this gives you something to try. I am hoping to experiment with this but it hasn’t made it to the top of my list yet.

If you get part way with this approach and hit a roadblock, post more info and we can continue working through it.

Thanks @sstava for your answer.

I’ve tried to prompt the Google account picker screen from an internal web browser and didn’t work. Google opened an error page with Error 403: disallowed_useragent.

After some research, I figure out that Google doesn’t allow to do it that way. You have to open a native web browser (Safari in my case), so I changed the Open Web browser component to Open Url in AppGyver. That worked and I manage to pick my google account from Google Auth Page.

However, the problem now is just exactly what you said. How to get back to my App (AppGyver Test App) and continue with the Auth process using Google Auth Token.

That’s something I haven’t realized how to do. I can pass a redirect url to Google Auth screen, which will be called after user succefully selects his account, but don’t know how to define this url in order to get back to AppyGiver and pass somehow the token.

Does anyone have any idea I can try?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @albert I’m not 100% sure if AppGyver is set up to handle OAuth yet… you should check with their support on how they can handle it. That is neat the way you were able to workaround getting to the Google page though so maybe they still have a way to do it.

Hi @michael and thanks for your answer.

Either not sure if AppGyver handles OAuth. I’ve asked their forums and haven’t found the exact way to achieve that. However, I’ve got some clues that might be helpful.

1st is using the event trigger App brought to foreground via URL which I guess will be fired when I get back from the browser after picking my google account.

2nd is set up the redirect_uri somehow to call the app. As I’m using AppGyver testing App, the uri should start with appgyvern:// …

But here is the problem for me. Probably because I’m not experienced with Google OAuth and don’t know how to handle this redirect to go back to AppGyver app. The problem is that I set up Google OAuth Client ID authorized redirect uri according the Xano tutorial. Actually the App type was a Web Application and I’m not able to set the uri with something like “appgyvern://…”.

So, there might be something to do in order get redirected to AppGyver. I don’t know if the OAuth consent screen should be something different to a Web Application…

Any clues are very welcome :slight_smile: