How can I insert multiple rows?

Hi, I want to insert multiple rows in a call to api, with POST method, Is It posible?

Hi @gabriela.nunez - welcome to the Xano forum, and thank you for your first post.

Yes, it’s definitely possible. You will need to implement a Loop into your function stack to Loop through the list of data you wish to add and then nest your Add Record function in the Loop. How are you bringing in the data that you wish to add so I can be more helpful?

Thanks for answer, I want to pass a Json with an array of rows to insert

Yup so whether that JSON with an array is as an input or in a variable, you will need to loop through it and add the records based on that…

This tutorial goes over working with an external API but part of it shows how to loop through an array and add multiple records to the database, so it might be helpful for you in that regard: