Issues with "Unique" Array Filters

Not sure if bug, or just that I’m a newbie to Xano.

I have an array that contains multiple keywords
e.g. [keyword1, keyword2, keyword3]

I’ve then used a For Each Loop on the above array to conduct a series of keyword searches and then append the results into a new “Results” array.

This has worked as expected.

Finally, I want to return a version of the “Results” array that has the duplicates removed.

When I try and filter the “Results” array using the “Unique” filter I get the following error “An unknown error has occured.”


Interestingly if I conduct a search where the array contains no duplicates then I don’t receive an error.

My problem is that as far as I can tell, I’ve set up the expression correctly but because the error occurs in a way that doesn’t allow me to debug I’m a little stuck.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Ben

This forum has not been active for a couple weeks. Please post in

I will take a look at your above issue.