Little Bug: Array resetting to data type "text" when I edit filters

I have really liked how Xano now guesses the data type based on what you type into a field. (Example: If I type “1”, it defaults to “int” although I can change it back to “text” if I need to.) That has been a nice polish to help my intensive coding sessions go a bit more smoothly.

I did find one spot where that is backfiring a bit. Per @michael’s recent advice, I made myself a “dictionary” array. (Needed 4 properties, so couldn’t just do a dictionary object.)

I notice that each time I edit my filters, it defaults the array back to a text data type, breaking the query.

Once I figured out that was the issue, it was super easy to fix right now while building the function. However, the fact that it happens every time means that at some point down the road when I come back to make a small tweak, it will break (and I will likely have a harder time remembering how to fix it).

Wanted to give you guys a heads up.

(Side note: Thanks again for making it so we could hide function steps. My debugging is a million times faster because of it. Don’t know if I could have gotten this far without it.)

Yup that is definitely a bug, thanks for reporting this. We will start working on the fix!

Also, glad to hear you like the hiding of functions and the auto-detection for the data type :slight_smile:

Hi @ErinHWagner - this bug is now fixed: array and object types should persist and not reset to text.