Missing variables in custom function input

I’m trying to use a custom function, but when I go to pick a variable for the input, it isn’t showing me any of my variables. Just constants.

As you can see in this screenshot, I should have 3 inputs (universal_contact_set_id, user_plan_id, status) and 2 variables (user_plan, user_plan_updated) as options, but they aren’t there.

I just figured this out. It’s because it was pre-populated with a 0. Once I deleted the 0, all the other options popped up (it was narrowing it down).

Might be worth not pre-populating 0 for integers to avoid confusion. (But do keep populating when there’s an api input that exactly matches the function input. I love that it does that.)

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Got it will definitely pass that suggestion along to be changed.