NEW extensions! OAuth for Facebook, LinkedIn, and GitHub

If you haven’t checked out the marketplace this week, we just launched 3 new extensions!

  • Facebook OAuth
  • LinkedIn OAuth
  • GitHub OAuth

These extensions allow the users of your application to sign up and log in using their accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, or GitHub respectively.

Each extension comes with a live demo so you can test it out.

I’ll be posting videos of how to use the demos for each extension this week.

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Facebook OAuth:

LinkedIn OAuth:

GitHub OAuth:

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I didn’t even know that was in the works. Fantastic. Thanks! I’ll put the Facebook OAuth to use sooner than later.

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Sign in with Apple, is it in the roadmap already?

Apple has been strict with new Apps and doesn’t approve to launch without it.

Hi @bhanu yes Apple is next on the list for an OAuth extension.

Do you think you can add Discord support too?

Otherwise I’m going to have to learn the hard way! :slight_smile:

@stonkers - I’ll pass your request along to our development team