Not able to change array if referencing that array in a conditional

I have an array I want to add data to if that data is not already in the array.

  1. Create array.
  2. Get data.
  3. Looped: Use conditional to see if each item of data is already in array.
  4. If not, add the data to the array.

However, if I try to make changes to the array I reference in the conditional, it says there’s an unknown error.

If I make changes to a different array, it’s just fine. But as long as the array I’m changing and the array I’m checking in my conditional are the same, I get an unknown error message.

@michael , I made a video showing the break. Since the video shows the function url, I’ll send you both the video and the function url in a DM.

Hoping you can help!

Just an update, we were able to resolve the issue. It came down to what filter was being used in one of the conditional functions that was throwing things off

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