Possible bug attaching one add-on onto another add-on



It has been a while–and I mean a really long while–since I had a bug to report. Kudos Team Xano!

I think I managed to dig one up for you though :slight_smile:

In my app, I can recommend that a group of friends do an activity together. For example, I could recommend that my nieces put on a Zoom play for the family who live out of state.

For that, I create the activity (“Have the girls put on a play”) and when I recommend it to a group (my family), it creates a record on the table activity_groups. As you can see, the activity_id, group_id and my user_id are all table references:

What I should be able to do
When I log in as the user, I want to get all my user data with all the associated data in add-ons. In this case, it would look like:
-user record
—ADD-ON activity record (linked by user_id)
------ADD-ON activity_group record (linked by activity_id)

What I’m seeing instead
When I attach the add-on, it asks me to choose the property in the activity record, but it doesn’t give me any of the activity properties to choose from.

I tried forcing it by simply writing in “id” and “activity.id” where I should have been able to select it, but that didn’t work:

I think there’s a bug keeping an add-on from displaying table reference properties to select.

I have the same problem. I was trying to add an additional add-on, but there is no way to select or type the variable to pass into the add-on. It only accepts text, which unless you are passing a static id, is useless.

I also deleted an add-on that was working and re-added it, but now it’s not working because the variable can’t be selected again.

Hi @ErinHWagner and @russmartin - this is a bug with the new drop-down selector enhancement. We have a fix on our dev environment and it should be pushed live soon. I’ll update you once it happens.

This is now fixed and live! You should be able to use the drop-down selector to map the Addon as expected. Please let me know if you have any issues.

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Yes, my addons are working again. Confirmed.

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