Problems using "now" in query - no results


I have a table with loads of datetimes:

I’m trying to write a query that pulls all the future datetimes–all the datetimes that are greater than now.

I know there are hundreds of records it should pull up, but it’s coming up empty:

I tried to do the same by creating a variable that was the text “now” with the to_timestamp filter applied, but it gave the same empty results.

Seems like maybe there’s a bug in the back?

I’m also getting zero results when using other operators and other timestamps:

It looks like your year is 2020 instead of 2021?

Omg, @sstava, you’re right!! I’m in the middle of another feature, but I’ll fix this right after and report back.

I was able to fix the records in my table and–sure enough–the filters all work. Thank you again @sstava!


Great eye @sstava

The ole using the previous year for dates during the first few weeks of the New Year. Lol! I’ve been guilty of this far too many times.