Pushing add-ons to their limit--hitting "unknown error"

I am trying to take an add-on to the next level by adding a bunch of joins.

The add-on works just fine when I test it in isolation:

In this function, the calendar_days query works just fine without the add-on:

But when I put the add-on onto the add-on onto the calendar_days query, it says, “An unknown error has occurred.”

To be honest, my add-on is pretty extreme:

Do you guys have any thoughts about what part of it is causing the failure? Is there any chance we can work around it? I’m trying to come up with the fastest way to do this exceptionally complex query, and if add-ons simply can’t carry that level of complexity, it would help a lot to know that up-front.

@michael , I’ll DM you the links to the add-on and the function as well as test data.

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I am thrilled with how fast that query was with the add-ons.

Without the add-ons, it took 50 seconds to get the data to fill one month of the user’s calendar.
With the add-ons, I get an entire calendar year of data in under 6 seconds.