Removed join statement but forgot to remove eval - had to restart query from scratch

Just a heads up:

I had a query with an eval from a join statement. I removed the join statement but forgot to remove the eval. Now when I click on the query in the function stack, it gives me this:

The query was simple at this point so it’s no problem to delete and restart. However, I have had other queries that were much more complex where this would have been frustrating. Figured I’d let you guys know just in case it saves future me some angst :slight_smile:

Thanks Erin! We will take a look.

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Shoot. It just happened. I lost a complex 9-joined-table query because I renamed an eval incorrectly.

We will have a fix in todays build. If you left it as is, it should come back and you can manually remove the eval.

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Hey @ErinHWagner

We just pushed an update to Xano. This is now fixed. So, you will still hit an error if something is wrong with the eval, but you should no longer lose all your work! :slight_smile:

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