Sentry Plugin for Live Monitoring

I asked a mentor today (a coder) how he tracks errors in his deployed software so he can address issues the moment they arise. He said he uses Sentry for both backend and frontend. He said they have a bunch of plug-and-play libraries for a bunch of different languages and that with just one application, I’d have to pay little to nothing.

What would it take to get Sentry integrated into Xano? Since it requires code, I don’t think it’s an integration I could do myself…

Sentry tends to be a solution more so for the makers of the platform rather than the users of a platform. But we will keep this in mind. Especially because do have plans to introduce some sort of logging solution for the upper tiered plans this year.

It sounds like Sentry is pretty robust (sends along loads of helpful info about errors), so I imagine it would take a while for a custom logging solution to catch up to that.

In the meantime, I wonder if you guys could write a bit of code that took Sentry errors and forwarded them to the appropriate Xano user…

Would that be a faster route to a robust monitoring system?

Having meaningful monitoring in place is going to be key to scaling my app even though I’m a one-woman shop, so I’m keen to explore possibilities.