Static value for evals

I am running two queries which I’ll then merge into a single array.

With each query’s results, I would like to include a property that says which query it came from.

Would it be possible to create evals that are static? That way, Query 1 would have the property “category”: “first_category” and Query 2 would have the property “category”: “second_category”.

I suppose another way to do this would be if, after the query generates an array, I could set a property on all the items in the array. (I don’t see a way to do that aside from looping.)

Hm unless you had a field that was NULL for each record, you could apply a coalesce filter. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s a best practice for that and at that point you’d be adding a field to the database.

Yes, otherwise you could use update variable to add an on the fly field to the response and you are correct - it would need to be looped through since it’s a list.

For example:

I suppose then the request for a feature to create static evals (or even better–evals that can be equations, etc.) still stands. It’s not urgent–I can design around it. But I would like to add it to the wish list. It was super easy to do in SQL (SELECT "soccer" as "category"; if I remember correctly). No clue what that would look like on whatever stack Xano’s built on.

Speaking of which, what is Xano built on?