Text editor turning variable into type "text" when it's long

I see you guys put a text editor in that lets us more easily see all the long text we’re writing. Nice!

I just selected a variable with a pretty long name and then added some dot notation to it. That made it longer than the input field, so the text editor popped up and it was made into data type “text”. Only problem is that I don’t want it to be text. I’m just trying to grab that variable.

(I’ll get by for now using “get”, but dot notation is a pretty slick way to access properties. I wouldn’t want to lose that.)

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Oh shoot. “Get” isn’t in the list of filters for that query. So I guess this is a problem.

Ahhh nice catch… we will get that fixed!

Hi @ErinHWagner this bug is fixed and you should be able to do very long dot notation without the text editor opening and defaulting to text.

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