Tutorial Video: Xano/AppGyver (Assign an image to the Todo) Part 17 & 18

You will learn how to use a variable that contains a base64 image to clean-up the Todo list in AppGyver along with learning how to check for a missing image URL and defaulting with the image variable we create.

Also, learn how to select and add an image for a Todo from the Todo detail screen. This works very similarly to the Profile image that we added a few videos back. Instead of “Pick image from library” we are using the “Take a photo” flow logic.

This allows you to open the camera and take and use a photo without going to your image library.

Xano is in Private Beta.
Go to https://app.xano.com/admin/signup and use “steve101” to get your early access account!

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Awesome Steve, thanks for posting :slight_smile: