Unsupported input in the GET API

Getting the “Unsupported Input” error in the GET API while testing api in postman or any other testing tool but not giving the error in the xano platform.

It was working fine but now it is giving the error.

How I am calling the api from the testing tool-


Authorization - Bearer

Parameters(as JSON)-


but getting the error

“message”: “Unsupported input”

Hey Ankur - can you please provide some more context so I can help troubleshoot with you? Screenshots of your API endpoint set up and of the error you are getting in swagger/postman when you try to run it would be very helpful.

Thanks Michael for replying. but Now the problem is gone. I don’t know what has changed. Bit Strange.

Again ran into the same issue-

Postman call-

Xano Call-

Screenshot 2021-02-20 150820

Using the same auth token.

@ankur I was able to recreate your problem, I think :slight_smile:

Your Authorization token in Postman is truncated. It is now the full token from Xano. I am making this assumption because in my Postman recreation of your issue I noticed that I had “…” and the end of my Authorization token and your screenshot does not (see far right side of screenshot below)

I was able to recreate the same error message that you have when I truncated/shortened my valid authorization token to an invalid token (see screenshot below)

Let me know if this helps!

I don’t think that that is the case.

Check screenshot, now the token is not truncated. Still same issue.

Thanks for taking your time to check this issue. @sstava

That is interesting. I am used to seeing a much longer token. They usually have 3 sections, each separated by a period, like the one below:


It looks like you just have the first section pasted into Postman?

When I run my login, in Xano, this is what my authToken looks like:

Yes, I was just copy pasting the part of the access token. Thanks a lot. @sstava

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I am glad you are able to continue your build!

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