Webflow and Xano: Parts 1-3 - Building a Dynamic News Feed Site - Add a blog post and image via Webflow API

These videos will walk you through building the Xano functions that call Webflow APIs to add an item to a collection. In our case, we are adding an article to the Blog Post collection in our Webflow project.

By the end of this series (more videos to come!), you will be getting current news articles through the Newscatcher API and posting them to your Webflow site automatically.

You will get to see how to interpret the Webflow Create Item API and its needed fields to successfully create the blog post item.

We also show you how to add an image to your blog post automatically through the Xano function that calls the Webflow API. (I think I found a Webflow API typo as well :slight_smile: )

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This is great–thanks for this very thorough and helpful tutorial!

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