Xano: Queries using time ranges, categories, addons, joins, distinct and evals

I went a bit long on this video. I attempted to cover how you can use the many capabilities of the Xano query function.

I am using the example of a list of Events that are associated with a Category and each Event has a list of Timeslots. This reflects many different scenarios. Examples could be categorized fitness classes with multiple available times. It could also be a list of Meetups with multiple timeslots or a categorized list of webinars that have different times they are shown.

The goal is to show how using different capabilities can affect the data you are returning to your user interface. I am always in favor of returning only what the user interface needs so that you limit the amount of business logic that ends up in a user interface.

You should try to make the APIs do most of the work :slight_smile:

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Very cool! Great video - there’s so much you can do with Query all records